Banane Flambée

Organisateur : BONFIRE architectural competition
Équipe : Lauren Coullard, Ambroise Bonal, Balthazar Jannink, Rodolphe de Warenghien
Juillet 2012

This Banana-shape bonfire has an inner body made of an evolutive wood skeleton. It rises at approximately 8 meters. The primary structure results from the combination of a unique type of element: big logs put one on another forming a hexagon in plan.

Then, sticks of wood take place through the structure in a systematic way to reinforce the organic development of the sculpture.

Finally, 6 palms made of articulated jute textile mattresses, materialize the skin of the fruit. They contain turf (dry peat inside) inside them. They are like sewn to the body by connectors that work as triggers to release the palm when combusted.

The structure behaves as fireplace and conducts the fire to the top. Intensitivity of the flames will allow the progressive mecanism of palms unfolding.

Images du projet réalisé (click on it!) :

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